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  • Sculptural Pavilion in Edith Moulton Park, Kirkland, WA

Wrap House

Site: Edith Moulton Park, Kirkland, WA

Artists: Jeanine Centuori and Russell Rock

Client: Public Works, Kirkland

This sculptural pavilion references an original homesteader of Kirkland, Edith Moulton in this eponymous public park. Evoking a sketch, a continuous ribbon of walls, floors, and roof wrap the outlines of an iconic house form. It alternates between solid and void while providing a casual seating area that is nestled within a clearing under the tree canopy. This minimal structure is constructed of 4 inch x 12 inch timbers, and connected with metal plates at transitions between floor, wall, and roof planes. Edges of blue and green lines present two different faces from opposite vantage points. Wrap House is a reflection on the site’s history while providing an amenity for park users.