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UrbanRock Design engages a wide range of media and site conditions for public artworks spanning both two- and three-dimensional form. The studio adheres to a belief that media works in service of thematic site-specificity. Media includes: imagery embedded in glass, metal scrims, three-dimensional metal form, concrete elements, and sculptural wood forms. New techniques of form and image making are explored with each project to advance the common goals of the design team.

The studio values the range of sites where public art may be integrated within architecture and urban places. The body of work has embraced integrating art within the architectural envelop, as well as sculptural and function-based artwork that is situated into parks, campuses, and public institutions. The studio explores stories about specific places, and always searches for what is special and unique about the site.

Artworks are rooted in principles of connection, and uplifting aspirations. There is a keen interested in interactive artwork with layered meanings. This is accomplished with unique perspectives, perceptual shifts, and tactile experiences. Public art is most powerful when it engages the here-and-now, and offers more than imagery. The agency and power of public art energizes places that are intertwined with sound site planning and urban design. Complexities and richness of the public realm lead to projects that convey place-based stories and experiences sustaining interest over repeat visits.