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UrbanRock Design has completed a diverse array of projects including architectural designs for houses and commercial buildings, art plans and tours for communities, and environmental design projects. The broad range of public art and design team experience informs the approach to architectural and environmental design. The design work is grounded in community engagement for site-specific solutions.

Architecture Projects are imbued with a collaborative spirit, sensitivity to place, and a desire for everyday beauty. With each of project, the team strives to deeply understand the needs of clients, and to translate those needs into physical form. The designers are budget- and resource-conscious and always seek to gain the biggest impact with the least monetary investment. In addition to architectural design, the studio brings a wealth of knowledge regarding permitting and regulatory processes of permitting hillside houses in Los Angeles.

Art Plans and Tours guide municipalities for the implementation of public art. These plans have involved community participatory workshops, meetings, and presentations. They have the potential to add dimension and resonance to artworks, and to inspire the community to be invested in deeper ways.

Environmental Designs include open-air outdoor classrooms, integrated way-finding and graphics, and guided tours for communities. This range of projects is grounded in the ethics of site-specific celebrations of local culture.