site-specific art and design for communities
  • Outdoor Classroom design at Woodbury University.

Outdoor Classroom

Site: Los Angeles, CA

Designers: Jeanine Centuori and Cate Roman, with assistance by Iris Fung, Ellie Poulin, Adrian Rios, and Nya Walker.

Client: Woodbury University

Drone Photographer:           Ryan Abner

Ground Photographer:          Paul Emberger

The Outdoor Classroom utilizes a previously overlooked courtyard space on the campus, which benefits from natural shading provided by a large avocado tree’s canopy. The design aims to transform this space into a dynamic and useful oasis. The chosen materials for the project include aluminum and plastic recycled lumber. The classroom offers three distinct spatial configurations to accommodate different activities. These include: group critiques at the pin-up board, seminars held around the long table, and individual workshops featuring break-away tables.