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  • Wayfinding at entrance to Business Building

Covid Wayfinding

Site: Woodbury University, Burbank, CA

Designers: Cate Roman and Jeanine Centuori with assistance by Iris Fung, Ellie Poulin, Adrian Rios, and Nya Walker

Client: Woodbury University

Wayfinding signage was created to welcome students and faculty back to in-person learning and spread a positive, playful attitude while reminding them of important Covid safety protocols.

A bright—but not juvenile—color palette and use of Cera Pro for all typography fit within the school’s existing brand guidelines and possess an exuberant character. At the time this was created, the school was encouraging students and faculty to travel on a one-way path through buildings as a way to enforce physical distancing. Thus, each building needed a distinct entrance and exit, which became the centerpiece of our project. Other signage served as reminders for wearing masks and staying physically distanced included wall signs, sandwich boards, and floor dots at benches.