Walk Watts

Walk Watts is an interactive self-guided tour of the community of Watts in South Los Angeles.  This tour highlights overlooked stories and events that have shaped this remarkable community.  These stories, as told by the Watts community, eclipsed by the world-wide acclaim of the Watts Towers, present visions of hope and positive community engagement.

There are three components to this project: temporary environmental graphics, a z-fold pocket map, and a downloadable app titled HOLLA (Hear Our Local Legacy App). The tour features landmarks throughout the neighborhood and is peppered with stories from Watts elders, artists, and other stakeholders.  Destinations are noted on a printed map that is available at key public locations in Watts such as the WLCAC, the Civic Center reception desk, and the Watts Branch Library. Stories that follow the stops on the tour may be heard from the downloadable app. The app can be used in conjunction with the physical tour or listened to from any location.

These stories, many of which are from the elders of the community, preserve a rich history of the Watts neighborhood that run the risk of being lost. It is also a living document that can be extended at any time with new stories as they become available. WALK WATTS and Hear Our Local Legacy App [HOLLA] was sponsored by the WLCAC and the Agency for Civic Engagement at Woodbury University, Burbank.

Designed by Cate Roman and Jeanine Centuori Alex Kim, and Briana Pong, assistants