URD House



Site: Mount Washington, Los Angeles, CA

Designers: Jeanine Centuori & Russell Rock

Assistant: Ian Witarsa

URD House is a proposed ground-up new construction on a hillside site.  The structure is concrete and steel with a combination of standing seam metal and integral color acrylic plaster as skin.  The site strategy aligns the roof deck with an existing level building pad that becomes the backyard.  Circulation wraps around the exterior of the house and is carried vertically through the interior by means of both an elevator and a spiral stair.  The 1st floor interior has an exposed structural truss system, cast-in-place concrete walls in the kitchen/dining room wrapped with bamboo on the floor and ceiling compressing the space with a plenum that conceals plumbing from above and a step up on the floor level.  The living room has a concrete floor that extends through a set of doors onto a deck over the garage, expanding the space.  There is a powder room and elevator volume within what is otherwise one open space.

The 2nd floor contains 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms.  These spaces are softened with drywall walls & ceilings, and bamboo flooring.  The master bathroom plumbing is hidden within the soffit space of the cantilevered volume.  Skylights bring light to the 2 rear bedrooms which have a cast-in-place concrete retaining wall at the back.  The use of exterior decks and an on-grade relationship between the top roof deck and the backyard with a swimming pool makes the living space both inside and out. This creates an open feeling in spite of the restrictions of the 4200 square foot lot and 50% floor to area ratio, including the garage, of the specific plan.