The Line Around

Site: Rosecrans Rapid Bus Station, Los Angeles, CA

Artists: Jeanine Centuori & Russell Rock

Client: unbuilt proposal

This artwork proposal seeks to capture moments of viewsheds—mountains, the Pacific Ocean, the desert, and buildings; and assemble them to create a collective set of windows into our confines that re-form into a new horizon line, one of bits captured and explored.  The panel sets have subtle radii at the corners, as if they were, themselves, a set of windows in an older bus.  Instants of perception work together to make a line, a perimeter, but one that is absolute and limitless.


We would craft these images from a sequence of unique photographs that we would take and carefully piece together.  These would come from the local environs.  Like travelers within the City, parts from locales are filtered through involvement and knowledge to become elements of something greater- an infinite line, living in and around the Los Angeles.