Site Portals

Designers: Jeanine Centuori & Russell Rock

Assistants: Sonny Ward, Jesie Kelly

Site Portals are markers for neighborhoods.  Using the oculus to focus the pedestrian’s attention on a particular moment in the urban fabric, Site Portals celebrate each place’s unique contributions for the resident and the traveler.  This minimal gesture seeks to capture essentials of the locale.  Categories of portals are color coded.  Artifacts are orange, Urban Stories are yellow, and Natural Features are blue.  Modular portals and horizontal plates are attached to the verticals that abound: parking meters, street light poles, and street tree guards.  The oculus isolates the item of interest and extended information about each focus is on the plates that fan out horizontally.  Concrete discs placed in the ground provide the name of the framed element and establish the point of view.

Site Portal for Artifacts celebrates significant edifices in the neighborhood.  Its elements attached to parking meters.  Landmarks are revealed and explained to pedestrians throughout the neighborhood at strategic sites.  Here Site Portal for Artifacts frames the Capital Records Building.

Site Portal for Urban Stories celebrates significant urban legends and histories from the neighborhood.  Its elements attached to street light poles.  Site Portal for Urban Stories frames this building built by Cecil B. DeMille to house his writers.

Site Portal for Natural Features celebrates significant landscape features in the neighborhood.  Its elements are attached to street tree guards.  Site Portal for Natural Features frames this Toyon tree, also known as Hollywood.