Site Lines

Site Lines was temporary tactical public art project for the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA.  A series of physical drawings were overlaid onto elements seen on the Promenade—dinosaur topiaries, building fragments, and storefront displays.  Sketchy, gestural drawings were created and made into physical plates that are layered onto the subject.  When viewers position themselves in the sight line, the drawing and subject matter come into alignment and focus.

Physical plates were attached to pedestrian street light poles at various locations along the 3-block stretch of the promenade.  Subjects are color-coded—dinosaur drawings are orange, building drawings are magenta, and storefront drawings are blue.  Corresponding color-coded vinyl footprints were laid onto the sidewalk directing viewers to the viewpoint.

The plates were constructed of laser-cut aluminum, with a paint finish. They attached to light poles in a similar fashion as that used for traffic signs.  Installation methods and materials were designed to withstand the demands of this public space and ease of installation and removal.

This project meant to provide a playful and provocative celebration of the promenade.  Objects of beauty in our everyday environment are often taken for granted.  This project called attention to overlooked and ubiquitous facets of this urban landscape.