Site Lines Past

Site: Triangle Square located at Main St., Colorado Ave., and 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA

Artists: Jeanine Centuori & Russell Rock, UrbanRock Design

Date: 10/2018

Site Lines Past is a temporary tactical public art proposal for Triangle Square in Santa Monica, CA. This piece consists of three large (6 feet long) view cones clustered together in the center of the green field. These brightly colored view cones invite peering into the oculus located at each end of the cones.

Inside each of the three cones are images of erased local histories. The views commemorated are Bay Street Beach, the Tongva indigenous peoples, and an historic view of Third Street, now site of the Promenade.

These images are aluminum discs at the large end of the view cones. The image plates are constructed of waterjet cut aluminum, with a paint finish. Images are translated into solid and void, and then cut into the metal. When viewed through the darkened cone with back lighting, the likeness of these images comes into focus.

The cones are constructed of thin sheet aluminum that is wrapped around an internal structure of discs and ribs. The sheet material is fastened with mechanical screws. Each cone is secured to the ground with 18 inch x 1 inch earth anchor screws.

This piece is a companion to Site Lines, a temporary piece located on the Third Street Promenade, where ubiquitous features of the environment are brought into focus. Here, erased histories are brought into focus. Together, these two pieces speak to the rich history and contemporary landscape that was and is Santa Monica.