Setting the Tables

Site: sbX Green Line Transit Stations, San Bernardino, CA

Station 11, Hospitality Lane at Hunts Lane;

Station 12, Hospitality Lane at Carnegie Drive;

Station 13, Hospitality Lane at Tippecanoe Avenue

Artists: Jeanine Centuori & Russell Rock

Architect: Gruen Associates

Client: Omnitrans

Setting the Tables for the sbX Bus Rapid Transit along the E Street Corridor is installed at three stations along the sbX Green Line. The visual collection and agglomeration of plates conveys two meanings of surface that are about plates- the tectonic plates which form the invisible structure of the underlying soil; while dinner plates form the tangible experience of our eating rituals. These are the setting of the tables of the project. This theme amplifies the identity of this zone as a dining and entertainment area.

The glass imagery is created with assembled photographs of tableware & commemorative plates that are overlaid onto tectonic maps of the area impacted by the run of this bus line, including the immediate vicinity of these transit stations. The intimate and the large are both represented. From a distance, the abstracted shapes of the mapped surfaces dominate giving them a colorful reading of the information. Upon a closer inspection, the substance of the various types, sizes, patterns, and materials of the plates becomes apparent. The solid yet fragile nature of both tectonic and ceramic plates are brought into alignment with this project that makes both a playful and conceptual linkage between these two worlds.  These plated map designs are echoed in a pixelated paving patterning that mimics each windscreen, running across the platform, underneath the related windscreen.  Sandblasted into the larger pavers is a circle to dovetail with the theme and coordinate with the standard station pavers.