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  • View of Carnegie Station of glass artwork along E Street in San Bernardino, CA

Setting the Tables

Site: Three sbX Stations along E Street, San Bernardino, CA

Artists: Jeanine Centuori and Russell Rock

Client: OmniTrans, Regional Transit Authority

Setting the Tables for the sbX E Street Corridor Bus Rapid Transit is installed at three stations along the E Street Corridor Bus Rapid line. it is comprised of art glass in the windscreens and associated custom pavers on the platforms for the sbX Line.  The visual collection and agglomeration of plates, amassed from museums and thrift shops along the line, convey two meanings of surface that are about plates- the tectonic plates which form the invisible structure of the underlying soil; while dinner plates form the tangible experience of our eating rituals. These are the setting of the tables of the project. This theme amplifies the identity of this zone as a dining and entertainment area.