Private Residence Renovation, Studio City

Site: Studio City, CA

Designers: Jeanine Centuori, Russell Rock

Assistant: Ian Witarsa

A remodeled mid-century house. It has unique fabrications done in collaboration with Hype Arc Design Studio. Custom steel sliding portals, windows, a stainless steel interior staircase, and a exterior steel rear staircase bring a machined presence to the house.  A cast cantilevered concrete front porch leads to custom fabricated oversized stainless steel entry doors.  These open to the reworked vestibule.  The interior “L” stair cantilevers from the ground floor to the second level without touching the wall.  The floor is done with custom concrete pavers that flow down the open hallway leading to a remodeled 1st floor bathroom.  This bathroom continues with concrete tiles on the floor and walls.