Looking Through the Past

Site: Tempe History Museum, Tempe, AZ

Artists: Jeanine Centuori, Russell Rock

Architect: Weddle & Gilmore Architects

Client: City of Tempe Cultural Services Division and Tempe History Museum

The museum’s photographic and artifact collection is represented through a half-tone pattern.  The process of creating dots is translated into a system of solids and voids in sheet aluminum.  This piece references early newspaper halftone print methods, as well as offering a commentary on the elusive nature of history.  The images are both present and ghostlike—creating momentary vignettes of clarity and abstraction.  They exist concurrently as positive and negative depending on lighting conditions.  There are the works themselves, and there are their shadows.  At night, the appearance is altered depending on whether the are seen with direct lighting, or backlit.  The closer one gets to each work, the more the images dissolve. becoming a kind of transparency.