Local Seen

Site: 34th Street Campus Rapid Station, Greater Cleveland RTA, Cleveland, OH

Artists: Jeanine Centuori & Russell Rock, UrbanRock Design

Date: 09/2018

Client: Greater Cleveland RTA

Visually active, hinting at something between being floral spike or a traditional signpost, these sculptures have horizontally mounted aluminum cones of various sizes, stacked and circling around a sequence of columns. In the headhouse, there are new columns for the artworks. In the rest of the station, along the extensive ADA ramp, the cones are attached to existing canopy columns.  The various heights permit people short and tall to peer into each cone and see vignettes of the area’s past or future.  Focusing on individuals, groups and places paired sequentially with cones short, medium, and long in length, Local Seen, displays the industrial past of the surrounding site in contrast to the forward looking educational future that has taken hold.  The cones contain waterjet cut imagery at their large ends with an ABS ocular piece at the smaller aperture.  Those cones oriented towards the river valley contain the industrial past imagery; those that are oriented towards CCC and CSU, hold images of the educational places and processes.  All the cones and columns are finished with colorful powder coatings over their aluminum structures.  The color schemes for the two entry sculptures are rendered in a complimentary relationship- blue cones on a green pole for one, and orange cones on a red pole for the other.  This contributes to the visual interplay between these two pieces.  Additionally, inscribed metal disks matching the cone colors will be set into the ground surface, radiating around the spires in an umbel sort of pattern.  The words on these disks refer to the processes used in education and metal manufacturing.  They create a visual base to the vertical sculptural components.

These sculptural entry elements are located at the street level headhouse for the E. 34th Street Campus Rapid Station stop on the Greater Cleveland RTA.  Additional similar sculptures are sited at each of the landing/rest areas along the ADA ramp down to the platform level.  Those additional elements are attached to the square columns of the canopies, rather than have their own pole, so as to minimize their footprint in the resting areas.  Local Seen looks to celebrate the locale’s past, present, and hopeful future while making an eye-catching landmark for RTA users, pedestrians, and motorists alike.  A durable artwork crafted from materials and practices that are both old and current, Local Seen embodies a common work ethic and a sense of place.  Representing the physical and the intangible, it is a bright reminder how we move towards our future.