How To Skin a Fish

Site: Bradenton Riverwalk @ Rossi Park, FL

Artists: Jeanine Centuori & Russell Rock

Client: unbuilt proposal

Our proposal looks to incorporate the visual language of locally available fish into a bright, colorful, fun environment associated with the interactive fountain and playgrounds at Rossi Park.  The visually playful entry announcement elements, the sculptural fish benches, and the vibrant patterned terrazzo fountain border add to the delight of the experience of the fountain and playgrounds.  Crafted from water jet cup aluminum plate that has been bead-blasted, welded, and then powder coated in enticing colors, the fish combine a sculptural presence with a seating element.  The four terrazzo or embedded color glass paving areas surrounding the fountain reveal the active colorations and patternings of the skins and scales of Gulf-based species.

The fish of the entry elements and benches are defined by their limits- the bone-like sections cut through the forms of the fish create a perimeter that is recognizable, yet lacks a skin, per se.  These fish are skinned by definition of their physical boundaries.  The sections through them provide a sense of structure that in some ways mimics the bone structure within. Proposed up-lights at the tops of the columns of the entry elements would activate the entry elements fish in the evening.