Faux Grove

Site: Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA

Artists: Jeanine Centuori, Russell Rock

Client: Angels Gate Cultural Center

The project Faux Grove consists of a grid of “trees” constructed from camouflage netting that is supported by an armature of wood and metal. Each “tree” is surrounded by a quartet of benches. This grove provides a sitting area with shade outside the gallery, as well as marks its entry. Faux Grove references the former meaning of the site, the Fort MacAurthur military base, with a reversal of the use of camouflage netting. Rather than using the material for its intended purpose of hiding objects during wartime, it constructs a fabrication of what it is mimicking. This inversion calls attention to the nature of camouflage as being in opposition to construction. Camouflage intends to mask artifacts through suppressing their objectness, and blending them into the background. These built camouflage tree objects bring tension to this relationship. As seen in elevation, the surfaces of Faux Grove are camouflaged against the foliage in the background. However, in plan, the aerial view reveals a highly visible pattern of nine orange squares with black “bulls-eyes” at their centers. These orange and black squares resemble nautical signal flags.