Transient Visage

Site: JAX Main Terminal, Jacksonville, FL

Artists: Jeanine Centuori & Russell Rock

Client: unbuilt proposal for JAX Transportation Authority

Traveling is a state of being.  Moving from, going to.  It takes place in spaces, through experiences, for a duration of time.  It is the continuing temporary nature of this state that interested us.  We sought an idea of a sequence of images that might convey the fleeting quality of being in transit.  The endless movement of the surface of water with its reflections and shadows seemed an apt metaphor, incessant and unbroken.

This surface presents and alters the motion of flying.  The shadows we captured are lively reminders of the quick and changing relationships between our world and our perceptions.  The moving image over the moving surface.  This is the trace of the bird on an un-writable façade.

The color sensibility is heightened to make a super-sense of this idea.  The world is seen through a hyperrealism that magnifies the incident.  It is at once both recognizable and unreal- a moment fixed in time and memory of a fleeting occurrence.  It is the face of travel.