Box of Paints Parklet

Site: Beech and Ocean Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA

Artists: Jeanine Centuori & Russell Rock

Client: unbuilt proposal

Proposed to be located in the Downtown area of Laguna Beach, the project site on the corner of Ocean Avenue and Beach Street is a prominent, busy, high traffic place.  Box of Paints Parklet attempts to capture some to the essences of the community in a vibrant colorful manner.  The shore character of the city, its notable engagement in the arts, and the spectacular vistas of its location are the themes of this public art piece.  Art is the place to site and contemplate the water, horizon lines, and sky.

The artwork is composed of two photo-based murals, 10 colored seating stools, ad 4 poles having 3 photo-enhanced shading disks each.  The murals are comprised of shots of the absolute horizon line- the seam of the water and sky with no land in sight.  When encountering this site, moving towards the beach, the viewer sees these lively vistas foreshadowing that which lies ahead at the end of the Avenue.  These dye sublimation power coated murals wrap the outer faces of the existing planter box and serve as a backdrop to the occasional seating.  The seats are representations of watercolor cakes within a box of paints.  They are individual hues- red iron, deep green, yellow, medium green, orange, blue, red, violet, brown, and black.  These cylindrical cakes of color are echoed in the shading disks hovering above them on poles.  The aluminum disks utilize the same dye sublimation process, and have representations of various cloud formations.  So when one sites on a seat and gazes upwards, they will see clods scudding in a color-saturated sky above.  The seating area is demarcated on the ground with white concrete paving, mimicking the mixing pans of a watercolor set.

Box of Paints Parklet is a painting, an occasional public space, and a community symbol.  It provides a bright introduction to the essentials of Laguna Beach.  With its vertical pole elements, it creates a pedestrian gateway that is also noticeable to bicyclists, and drivers.  The beauty of Laguna Beach finds representation in both its physical environs and its participation and empathy with the arts as expressed in Box of Paints Parklet.