Ball Drop

Site: Woodland Hills Recreation Center, Los Angeles, CA

Artists: Jeanine Centuori & Russell Rock

Client: unbuilt proposal

This project proposal utilizes the program of the Woodland Hills Recreation Center as a point of departure.  In particular, it plays with the concept of water and ball sports, combining them into a sculptural expression to be located in the lobby space of the Pool House portion of the building.  Here the community may encounter and experience a piece that reflects its surroundings and them.

Ball Drop is comprised of 197 polished stainless steel spheres of 6 different dimensions connected to 13 powder coated aluminum circular rings with swaged stainless steel cables.  The spheres are suspended from the rings at varying lengths, creating a sense of movement within the piece evoking the rippling nature of a droplet of water striking the water’s surface.  This feeling is further conveyed through the blue-green and white coloring of the concentric rings from which the spheres hang.

The polished surfaces of the spheres reflect each other and all that is around- the space, the people the suspension rings & cables, and the light sources.  Although still, the piece will capture constant movement from each of these elements.  This makes for a sparkling effect like light off of water.

The spheres diameters are proportionally based upon the diameter relationships between balls used in sporting activities- the sort of balls range from golf-sized, through tennis, baseball, & softball, to the larger volleyball/soccer ball/water polo ball, and having a basketball as the largest.

Ball Drop is a bubbly visually engaging interpretation of the pool experience.  Visitors see themselves reflected in its surface during their comings and goings.  Dots of light will be cast around the lobby in changing patterns as the combinations of sunlight and interior lighting change.  Much like the elusive nature of light on water, everyone will find a unique image in their interaction with Ball Drop.