UrbanRock Design Profile

UrbanRock Design was established in 2000 as a Partnership with architect Jeanine Centuori, and designer Russell Rock as founding partners.  It is a registered WBE (woman-owned) firm.

Projects include four unit housing and subdivisions, commercial remodels, single family dwellings, and public art/environmental projects.

Experience includes the full range of architectural design services. Types of services include planning, feasibility studies, design, permitting, and construction.

Client Service

UrbanRock Design is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of service.  Many of its clientele are repeat clients.  Clients include private developers, individuals, municipalities, and governmental agencies.


Community outreach is a key component to the practice with many developed strategies for involving stakeholders.  UrbanRock Design has conducted numerous workshops and community meetings with presentations, structured games, and drawing exercises designed to create a sense of commitment and common ground with project users.


Jeanine Centuori has LEED accreditation.  The firm has demonstrated a strong commitment to green architecture and design through its work with local resources, using recycled materials, working with energy and water conservation.


The company offers sensitive and thoughtful approaches to architecture that have resulted in national and local awards and accolades.  Though most have modest budgets, their ingenuity has been recognized by peers.

Commitment to Education

There is a strong commitment to education in the firm.  Jeanine Centuori currently holds the chair position in architecture at Woodbury University.  The firm has hired many architectural interns from local architecture programs.